We all work in the service of the patient's beautiful smile
For over 20 years, PASE has been shaping its history. The organization took its initial steps in Gdańsk, a city with a rich history located on the Baltic coast. The primary goal of the Academy is to promote innovative high-level dental surgical procedures, introduce excellence in aesthetic tooth restoration, and bring together prominent representatives of the dental industry.

Scope of work
visual identity    /    key visual    /    websites    /    photography
Elegant and sophisticated design
To discuss the visual identity, it is essential to introduce the philosophy of the organisation. Currently, the Academy is widely recognised as an exclusive association primarily focused on organising scientific symposia and disseminating advanced treatment methods amongst Polish dentists.
The new vision for PASE called for a clean and elegant look. Simple shapes and monochromatic colours were used to emphasize traditional values. Copper, an unconventional semi-precious metal, also emerged as an ideal symbol of the organization's character. All of the marketing materials were printed on thick, high-quality paper, often enhanced with copper hot-stamping, resembling the genuine metal itself.
2017 – 2019
Cooperation with Katarzyna Sadecka for Rebel Artistry

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