Handcrafted furniture from Poland
Welcome to NUKI world. Make yourself at home.
Nuki is a brand with a diverse range of furniture and accessories suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. What sets NUKI apart is its dreamlike designs, enjoyable materials, a commitment to future-oriented sustainability, and reasonable pricing. NUKI was founded with ambition at heart and technology at hand. 
Nuki designs and produces visually universal furniture and accessories for all creative families. Collaborating with the most experienced local manufacturers and new-generation curious designers, NUKI brings forth extraordinary products, loved for their desirable shapes, light colors & forms and playful materials —truly the products of tomorrow.

Scope of work
3D product renders     |     modeling     |     texturing     |     compositing
Swing, play, laugh and never ever stop having fun with NUKI gym rings
Get your spontaneity and healthy lifestyle back. Rediscover you inner child and practice your strength, balance & flexibility with your family. That's what NUKI gym rings are for.
Nuki Furniture


3D Product renders

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